Strilaringen was established in 1976 by some enthusiastic young people from Nordhordland.  
The goal was to keep up the Norwegian tradition of folk dance, music and song.

Strilaringen has had several excellent musicians during the years.  The instrument they have been playing is Norway’s National instrument “Hardingfele”.  The fiddle has 8 strings; four upper strings and four lower strings.  Together they make a very special, but beautiful sound.  The fiddle is beautiful decorated with seashells and painted borders.

As recently as 30-40 years ago it was not allowed to play the “Hardingfele” in Norwegian churches.  The reason was that the priests thought it was the devils instrument.  Luckily, nobody believes that anymore.

Strilaringen wear Norway’s National costume the “Bunad” in nearly all their performances locally, national and abroad.  Since the members come from all over Norway, the traditional “Bunad” from several different places are used.

Since Strilaringen was founded they have participated in several festivals;  Sweden, Germany(2 times), Finland, Scotland(2 times),  Yugoslavia, Turkey(Asian part), Italy, Holland, Latvia, Austria(3 times), Lithuania, Belgium, Russia, Portugal, USA, Ireland, Denmark, Poland (3 times)), Greece, Tsjekkia and Morocco.
To date Strilaringen has  hosted seven International folkdance festivals here in Nordhordland, with guests groups from Austria(4 times), Sweden(2 times), Holland, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Scotland(2 times), Croatia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Ireland and Poland(2 times).

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